The electric bicycles and light electric vehicles were in principle well accepted. The total distance travelled was approx. 70,000 km, with around 60 % of journeys replacing those by conventional car.

The easy availability of the multifaceted array of vehicles made it simple to use one suited to the requirements of the trip. Technical and logistical solutions are being considered in respect to a precise forecast of (remaining) range, increased charging efficiency and extended battery life. Trials of these are to follow. During the period of the project it is, for example, possible through switching the vehicles from lead to lithium battery technology to demonstrate improved usability through increased range and payload and shorter charging times.

In general it can be said that adapted light electric vehicles represent a serious alternative to conventional types and are recognised by the public as such. They happily accept these vehicles, which require no great getting used to. An improvement in the road/cycle path and charging infrastructure would promote wider use.

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