The tank is of critical importance to the range of a hydrogen-powered vehicle. In addition to liquid gas, tanks manufacturers are today placing an emphasis on compressed gas containers that can store the fuel in modern vehicles in a highly compressed form at up to 700 bar. In order to be able to build up this compression efficiently at filling stations, new forms of technology are needed. This project is designed to perfect a new kind of ionic compressor.

The technology is based on the patented use of ionic liquids for the compression process. The specially modified liquid replaces the traditional, mechanical piston. Although ionic compressors are already being used in demonstration projects, as the number of hydrogen-powered vehicles is still low, the refuelling technology cannot be tested in a long-term, comprehensive manner in all workload scenarios. In order to bring these systems to technological maturity, which is needed for any development of wide-scale infrastructure and high vehicle numbers, a range of compressors are being operated on a long-term test-bench basis in this project, brought up to the fuelling volumes to be expected and optimised.

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