A pivotal aim within the framework of the National Innovation Programme Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NIP) is to support and promote the expansion of the hydrogen infrastructure. With the establishment of the first 700 bar hydrogen filling station in Bavaria at the Linde production site in Unterschleissheim, the initial national infrastructure network is being advanced.

For the first time, this means the Munich-Stuttgart corridor is now usable for fuel cell vehicles of the latest generation. Besides its overall objective, this project also facilitates the continued development of system-relevant components for filling station technology.

Linde AG has used the Unterschleissheim site since 2006 for intensive research into hydrogen technology. The developments on the vehicle side over the last few years — in particular introduction of 700 bar high-pressure storage — required the adjustment of technology to the latest refuelling standards. Comprehensive constructional measures to the storage system, compression unit and hydrogen pump were necessary to meet these new demands. It was advantageous that it was possible to build on existing subsystems, which meant it largely represented an upgrade.

Technologically, the upgrade of the existing filling station at the Linde site is based on so-called cryogenic pump technology. This highly efficient compression technology was similarly developed within the framework of the NIP and is especially known for its high throughput capacity and low need for maintenance. The hydrogen is stored on site in liquid form and is directly compressed by the pump to the required pressure for refuelling.

The upgrade of the existing testing and development centre to today’s 700 bar refuelling technology enables testing and optimisation of refilling systems to be conducted. Furthermore, the centre can be used as a training facility for service technicians as well as a demonstration filling station for the general public.

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