A new hydrogen fuelling station is to be constructed in HafenCity Hamburg. The goal is to introduce hydrogen as the energy source of the future. Experience with regard to the necessary infrastructure will be gathered throughout the project. This then can be drawn upon for the establishment of future facilities.

The fuelling station will serve to supply public city buses and private vehicles. It is seen as an initial step to help facilitate the accelerated introduction of hydrogen as a source of energy.

An integral aim of the project is the aspect of evaluation. Research focal points shall be in the areas of refuelling, storage and the handling of hydrogen.

A further focus lies in energy balance optimisation. Incorporation of an innovative compressor and electrolyser aims to ensure this. The use of power from regenerative sources of energy is the guarantee for a sustainable form of individual mobility. The plans envision the construction of a new fuelling station that integrates all infrastructural components. Anticipated completion date is expected to be in 2010.

Continuous evaluation of operations will be undertaken with the support of the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg. Vattenfall will engage a PhD candidate for this purpose. The priority recipient of the hydrogen produced will be the Hamburg public transport authority, Hamburger Hochbahn. In this way, the company is preparing itself for public transport of the future. It is also anticipated that intensive evaluation regarding vehicle management will take place.

The outcomes of the project will serve as a foundation for the establishment of future fuelling stations. Project partners foresee that the experience gained here will benefit future facilities. The main points of research and evaluation encompass hydrogen production through electrolysis in addition to the logistical and safety issues arising from daily trailer deliveries in quantities not yet tested.

Funding Code

Partner Start of term End of term Funding amount
Vattenfall Solar GmbH01.06.0931.10.166,059,695.51 €
Shell Deutschland GmbH01.06.0931.05.1412,601.07 €
6,072,296.58 €