*Building on its previous cooperation with BMW AG and within the framework of the National Innovation Programme Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NIP), TOTAL will re-equip and continue operating the liquid hydrogen refuelling station in Detmoldstrasse, Munich, which was originally established in 2006.**

Besides 700 bar high-pressure technology (CGH2), cryo compression technology (CcH2) — which was jointly developed by BMW and its partners — will be tested and offered for sale for the first time here.

During the construction and operational phases, both refuelling station technologies and operational processes will be specifically tested, developed further and optimised. The main research objectives of the project encompass the areas of network development, technology development and the development of operational and supply concepts along with sustainability and customer acceptance. A main focus will also be on ensuring any hydrogen boil-offs are completely utilised. From the operator perspective, necessary know-how for the successful expansion of hydrogen infrastructure will be built up.

The HRS Detmoldstrasse project is a part of the 50 refuelling station programme. In June 2012, the BMVBS and various industry partners signed a letter of commitment in this regard. It outlines the development, operation, testing and comprehensive evaluation of a supply network comprising at least 50 hydrogen refuelling stations in Germany by 2015 to ensure the prerequisites are met for the successful market introduction of hydrogen vehicles.

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