With its filling station in the Heidestrasse in Berlin’s Mitte district in the immediate vicinity of the government quarter and main railway station, TOTAL is operating its third and simultaneously most powerful fullyintegrated hydrogen filling station in Berlin. This means a total of four hydrogen filling stations are now in operation for public use in the German capital.

The filling station was established in 2011 with funding from the government’s second economic stimulus package. It was the first time that the specifications outlined in the »Hydrogen Refuelling Station Standardisation« paper produced within the framework of the »H2 Mobility Initiative« were implemented for the construction of a standardised hydrogen filling station in Germany. The filling station has been in operation since December 2011 within the framework of the NIP.

The plant technology, which was supplied by Linde AG, meets the specifications as set out in the H2 Mobility Initiative for so-called small plants. It boasts a capacity of 212 kg/day and allows up to 6 refuelling procedures per hour or 38 per day with a maximum waiting time of 5 minutes. Hydrogen is provided at a pressure level of 700 bar. Its particular feature: only hydrogen produced using renewable energy is dispensed, which is made by Enertrag AG through wind power in Prenzlau, and is delivered by trailer.

The filling station is equipped with the customer information system from the CEP. Its availability can be checked in real time on the CEP website in the customer section. The CEP H2 Card may be used for refuelling, which provides authorisation and allows cashless payments at all CEP locations across the country.

Funding Code

Partner Start of term End of term Funding amount
TotalEnergies Marketing Deutschland GmbH01.12.1131.12.16123,120.10 €
Linde AG01.12.1131.12.16323,820.00 €
446,940.10 €