The goal of the project is to estimate the environmental (relief) effect of electromobility with regard to everyday use and cost effectiveness. The priority lies in energy consumption and climate change.

The following were defined as research tasks:

  1. The use and analysis of data from the single research projects of the electromobility model regions research programme for individual journeys and charging procedures of electric vehicles and comparison with non-electric traffic management.
  2. Furthermore in a more systematic consideration in the area of private vehicle use: comparison of mobility patterns with and without electric vehicles, and
  3. Additionally in a more systematic consideration in the area of commercial vehicle use: comparison of ways of operating fleets with and without electric vehicles.

Special working groups were set up around the following policy issues:

  • »Energy mix«: Which electricity generation mix will be taken as a basis for the operation of electric vehicles?
  • »Comparison vehicle«: Which nonelectric vehicles will form the basis for comparison?
  • »Noise and pollutants«: What changes in noise and pollutant emissions are to be expected?
  • »Environmental performance evaluation«: How are electric vehicles on further definition of the assessment framework to be comparatively evaluated?

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