Aim of the project is the development, application and field testing of a compact SOFC on-board energy supply system with 500 W of electrical power using SOFC (Single Oxide Fuel Cell) technology for operation initially with liquid gas. It is primarily intended for mobile applications where a reliable and environmentally friendly supply of power is required, e.g. yachts, motor homes or in remote areas without mains power supply.

The chosen power range of the systems of at least 500 W distinctly stands out from competitor technologies with fuel cells and closes a gap for energy demands of up to 12 kWh/day, which is currently primarily covered by diesel generators from 4 kW.

An SOFC system with a power range of at least 500 W is to be conceived and configured for the abovementioned uses, along with the development of applications to integrate the systems for their intended uses. A particular focus of the application area lies in a hybrid solution deploying lithium batteries in the vehicle electrical system. In total, 16 field test systems are to be developed and manufactured by new enerday in three generations, as well as undergoing comprehensive tests on test benches, climatic chambers and environmental testing facilities. Fischer Panda develops the specific applications to integrate the systems into the test beds and plays the leading role in the field tests and their evaluation.

Funding Code

Partner Start of term End of term Funding amount
Fischer Panda GmbH01.06.1231.05.15187,581.95 €
Sunfire Fuel Cells GmbH01.06.1231.05.15907,935.00 €
1,095,516.95 €