The project partners in the State of Saxony are working together to promote local public transport through the use of innovative and environmentally friendly technology and developing it into a competitive alternative to individual motoring.

The »SaxHybrid« project was deliberately designed with a long-term strategy beyond the period of the report in order to prompt the development path from the previous state of technology with diesel/electric hybrid systems through to predominantly electrically recharged hybrid buses.

Through the joint project on fleet operation with electric vehicles, the basis was created for the establishment of individual electric motoring (primarily in company fleets), including the associated infrastructure. The results form the foundation for a follow-up project (provisionally due to commence in October 2012), in which the aim is to create the link between individual motoring and local public transport, including through the use of uniform billing and car-sharing systems.

An essential aspect of the successful implementation of electric drive systems on our roads is the constant enhancement of battery technology. This is taken account of within the model region by the project on the development of process and production technologies for energy storage systems, which is also being supported by the project headquarters. In addition to this, the centre was also able to recruit new project partners for more far-reaching research and development projects.

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