Supplying polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEM FC) with optimally humidified air without contaminants has a significant influence on their effectiveness, reliability and service life.

Goal of the project is the development of filters and humidifiers for the supply of air to PEM FCs that bear the following attributes:

Various filters and humidifier components are being developed with new production processes that:

  • allow for reduced costs and design flexibility in terms of tooling, enabling the cost-effective adaptation of components for defined installation spaces and connections, and
  • deliver optimal performance due to minimal pressure loss resulting from flow optimisation.

Moreover, the filters will be developed in such a manner that they will also provide protection against damaging salt spray and be built to fit in an enclosure enabling leak-proofing and easy servicing without the need to open the system housing.

FCCT is developing the concepts and is providing the necessary guidelines for the development of tools. mm-plastic is developing the tools and processes for the production of the housing and produces test samples and prototypes.

The prototypes are produced in cooperation with associated end users and are examined and evaluated for their suitability in laboratory and field tests. This ensures the conditions are met for accelerated implementation of the developed components in marketable products.

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