The project partners are pursuing the joint aim of encouraging even more residents, commuters and visitors than before to use the hire bikes and of making the system an integral part of local public transport.

They want the Stuttgart system to become even more modern and customer friendly. The City of Stuttgart is coordinating the civil engineering works for the station system. EnBW is installing and operating the terminals for the 45 stations. DB Rent is upgrading the existing »Call a Bike« system and adding a total of 100 pedelecs. As the operator of »Call a Bike«, DB Rent GmbH is able to call on many years of experience, especially in relation to users’ everyday experiences, integration into the booking system and station selection. EnBW is able to build on experience from developing the charging infrastructure and operating the largest two-wheel fleets in Germany as part of the national government’s KoPa II economic stimulus package.

For the first time ever, an automated public rental system for bicycles and pedelecs with terminals for the registration, hiring and bike return process, plus charging spaces for further (private) electric cycles is being developed, constructed and tested by customers in everyday operation. Within this process, the technical aspects of every component are being redeveloped (pedelecs, terminals, charging posts and communications components).

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