In the course of the MOREMA project the partners examined how electric vehicles can be integrated into the everyday lives of their employees and into their fleets. Based on surveys, diaries and electronic driving profiles, they were able to determine what opportunities electromobility offers for juwi’s fleet. The aforementioned project participants’ results are being provided by them in separate reports.

juwi’s main task was to provide the vehicles and the test participants for the field trials. Way back in October 2000, juwi was already integrating Germany’s first non-pool company car into its fleet. Since January 2011, a total of ten employees have been driving a Mitsubishi I-MiEV as their company car. Contrary to the general assumption, difficulties were created in the beginning not just by the vehicle’s limited range and long charging times, but also by tax disadvantages compared to conventional cars. On this score juwi contacted the relevant offices right at the start of the project with some initial suggestions and took the tax burden off their company car drivers through the socalled »juwi Package« (tax compensation and mobility guarantee).

During the period of the trial two fuelsaving studies were also conducted. They showed that through simply changing driving style it was possible to considerably reduce CO2-emissions with conventional cars as well (average reduction over 20,000 km: 282.14 kg CO2).

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