The trial of electric means of transport – both e-buses and electric vehicles for public hire – is helping to create broader public acceptance of the concept and is aiding with the technical advancement of electromobility so that a greater expansion of such systems also becomes economically sustainable. Acceptance and curiosity on the part of the users certainly exist: after just one month of opening, the »eMobil Station« already had over 100 registered customers and each month around 20 more signed up.

The second module of »Line 103«, the trial of Germany’s first solely electrically powered bus in test operation, began just after the end of the funding period (mid-October 2011). The public presentation of the electric bus took place on 27 October 2011. The main aim of this whole project is the integration of electrically powered mobility into the public transport system. This makes it possible to take climate-neutral journeys using interconnected modes of travel and enables a significant contribution to be made to reducing noise and emissions in city centre areas. In combining both modules of »Line 103«, Offenbach is achieving an ideal electrically based travel chain: the »eMobil Station« is located right next to the central »Marktplatz« bus and metro hub. Anyone who has already travelled thus far without internal combustion engine, i.e. by electrically powered metro or bus, can continue their climate-friendly journey by electric car or pedelecs. A perfect combination is thus achieved of public and individually configurable mobility.

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