The goal of the project is to build up a long-term partnership between North Rhine-Westphalia and the Netherlands in the area of electromobility.

As a first step towards common measures, a dialogue forum is being established for the exchange of experiences of vehicles in test operation, concepts for charging infrastructure, vehicle and battery safety and transport and mobility concepts. Furthermore a series of workshops are to be designed and organised based on the results of preliminary discussions between the partners, in order to work up targeted questions and thematic areas of mutual interest, present results in the form of status reports and recommendations for action, thereby laying the groundwork for further cooperation projects. Another building block will be the implementation of cross-border transport with electric vehicles. A point of departure for this could be the already initiated projects in Phase I of the Rhine-Ruhr Model Region. Because of their proximity to the border, the cities of Aachen (on the Dutch side Heerlen and Maastricht) as well as Emmerich (Arnheim, Nijmengen) are options.

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