The goal of the current HySport project is the application-oriented further development and demonstration of an aggregate, which provides conditioned and oxygen-reduced respiratory air for sports applications (altitude training).

Fuel cell technology will be used to generate power, in addition to producing oxygen-reduced respiratory air.

These devices will be initially supplied via a new type of hydrogen cylinder of of the Integra variety, which through the application of a low pressure valve, allows the use of hydrogen as an energy source, thereby making H2 tangible for the layman.

In the framework of this project up to ten systems are to be created and tested in field trials. The work packages from N2telligence are as follows:

  1. Development of overall system with regard to construction, materials, method of assembly, ergonomics, safety, etc.
  2. Improvement of energy consumption in terms of performance and control concept of the system
  3. Air analysis
  4. Preparation, construction, verification, execution, and overall assessment of field tests.

The Centre for Fuel Cell Technology (ZBT) is assuming responsibility for the adaptation of the fuel cell system to expected user requirements as well as to applicable safety standards. An evaluation of applied standards and norms and a system safety analysis will be carried out and a notified body engaged for approval.

The task of HyCologne as set out in this project is its active involvement in the following project steps:

  1. Preparation of the field tests: appropriate partners must be chosen for the active implementation of the field tests and prior to the presentation of the system, local conditions must be assessed and technical implementation planned.
  2. The field test concept is to be verified.

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