As part of its hydrogen programme, Shell is establishing a series of refuelling stations of various sizes. A new facility will be established in Hamburg in the course of 2014. It is part of the national 50 refuelling stations programme, which aims to ensure the supply of hydrogen in core regions in Germany. In this instance, the refuelling station will be built in the highly frequented Schnackenburgallee arterial road, located in the immediate vicinity of the A7 motorway.

Shell is responsible for the planning, construction, start-up and operation of the complete station. The hydrogen will be produced on site via electrolysis at the new facility in Hamburg. Using a highly effective and largely maintenance-free PEM electrolyser, the company aims to investigate an innovative process for the production of hydrogen. The refuelling station will participate in the German electricity balancing market and therefore will also contribute to ensuring the stability of the electricity network.

As is the case in the two existing hydrogen facilities in Berlin-Schöneberg and Hamburg-Bramfeld, Shell is pursuing the goal of obtaining further insights in regard to the production, processing, storage and delivery of hydrogen as a fuel through the implementation and testing of latest technologies. Furthermore, research into various operating modes and maintenance strategies during the operational phase are a particular focus of this site.

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