Jordan is located in a region that offers enormous advantages for hydrogen production. In particular, the large potential for renewable energy can enable the production of green hydrogen. However, common electrolysis processes require pre-purified water. This is a major challenge especially in arid regions such as Jordan since the availability of water resources is very limited. In this respect, hydrogen production in such countries may risk further exacerbating existing water use conflicts.

Thus, there is a need to take a closer look at the relationship between water as a resource and hydrogen as an energy carrier. In the course of the German-Jordanian Water-Hydrogen Dialogue, knowledge carriers from Germany will contribute to transfer relevant know-how to Jordanian stakeholders. Structures, technologies and framework conditions in Germany and Jordan will be discussed and excursions will be planned to illustrate the nexus between water, wastewater and hydrogen. Through this, Jordanian stakeholders are to discuss and ideally identify solutions that enable a conflict-free water use for hydrogen production. German participants should be sensitized for hydrogen production in arid regions and learn about the challenges and country-specific needs.

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