Increasing the competitiveness of PEM fuel cells by optimising the anode subsystem and its components

The primary objective of the EWAS project is to optimise the hydrogen supply unit on the anode side of PEM fuel cell modules. The focus is particularly on the functioning of the fuel gas recirculation by means of completely passive hydrogen recirculation at the H2 inlet (injector) along with the purging and drainage valves in the anode subsystem. By using a passive component as well as transferring and optimising an existing modular principle of the valve components used, the aims of achieving a higher overall efficiency, lower manufacturing costs, a longer service life, a broader range of applications and reduced maintenance costs are to be realised.

Funding Code

Partner Start of term End of term Funding amount
Staiger GmbH & Co. KG01.09.1828.02.21248,374.00 €
EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies GmbH01.09.1831.05.21310,353.00 €
558,727.00 €

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