In the results of the study entitled »eTrust – Models and future concepts of electromobility«, which was conducted on behalf of NOW GmbH, the essentially positive image of electromobility in society is apparent.

Electromobility is associated, above all, with being environmentally friendly, free of emissions and low in noise. However, these positive attributes of electromobility scarcely generate any enthusiasm to buy among consumers. Personal benefits are missing both on a pragmatic and emotional level. Instead, potential users perceive the drawbacks of electric cars in a very clear, concrete way. Evidently the perceived satisfaction of needs by privately used conventional cars continues to form the frame of reference for judging electromobility. With the technology at its current state of development, the electric vehicle can’t compete when compared this way. If electric cars are to gain approval in society, it is important to infuse them with emotional qualities that appeal to many user groups. It appears necessary to offer consumers much more than, as has been the case to date, merely opportunities to experimentally »experience« electric cars under everyday conditions.

The analysis clearly shows the discrepancy that currently exists between the possibilities in relation to a social change in mobility based on electric vehicles and the perceptions and requirements in terms of mobility shaped by conventional motoring.