The purpose of the project »EMOTIF — Electromobile Thuringia in the region« is to test and study the performance of electric vehicles in an integrated network of publicly-accessible vehicle fleets and public transport in a predominantly rural area.

The focus of the research is the question of whether the appeal of the Free State of Thuringia with its rural touristic regions can be further increased through the use of electric vehicles linked with local and long-distance public transport and whether users of private transport, also in smaller and medium-sized towns, can be reached through electric vehicle services.

The point of departure is the expansion of a fleet of 8 electric vehicles in the towns of Eisenach, Erfurt, Weimar and Jena and their integration in the car-sharing service of DB AG. The vehicles are to be stationed at the central junctions of public (long-distance) transport in order to offer users the option of taking a fully electromobile journey. Attractive (touristic) locations in Thuringia, which are either poorly or not at all connected to public transport, can be reached in this way. This option should not only cater for rail travellers, tourists and already active car-sharing users, but also the residents of the towns and the region. Particularly for this last group, the new car-sharing option should create an incentive to test electric vehicles and leave their own car at home.

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