Both medium-sized cities Göppingen and Schwäbisch Gmünd are »Staufer cities« in the catchment area of the Stuttgart region. Together with another six partners as well as the Urban Development Institute of the University of Stuttgart (Städtebau Institut der Universität Stuttgart), they have initiated the »EMiS project — Electromobility in Stauferland — integrated in urban development and climate protection«.

The aim of the project is to test the contribution of electromobility to urban development and climate protection goals. The evaluation is based on an integrated analysis of urban, mobility and energy systems. The results will be compiled in the form of action guidelines for local authorities, in which it will be practically illustrated how a municipality can develop into an electromobile city.

The advantages and potential of electromobility have to date hardly been examined and tested in relation to medium-sized centres in metropolitan regions. It is exactly on the regional scale that electromobility can best showcase its advantages against conventional drives, as for example, the public transport system there is less well-developed and many households currently dependent on cars with combustion engines. In order to bring 1 million electric cars onto German roads by 2020, appropriate electromobility models and concepts must on the one hand, be developed for mediumsized centres, and on the other, local authorities must already prepare themselves now for this new technology.

Private, commercial and also public e-transport will be examined in the »EMiS« project, in order to be able to determine the full potential of electromobility. User surveys will be supplemented by scientific models, such as the »electromobile neighbourhood typology«, and with workshops involving public administrations. The study of electricity supply from decentralised, regenerative energy sources completes the project. The results will be rooted in the urban development and climate protection concepts and made transferable in the form of »local authority toolboxes« for other medium-sized centres.

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