The project aimed to develop new technologies for serial diesel hybrid buses to such a point to allow for the subsequent test of the technology in everyday use and to measure the environmental effects in real scheduled service operations.

To enable this, a diesel hybrid bus with a serial diesel and electric motor (ElvoDrive Serial) was developed, built, tested and optimised in cooperation between Voith Turbo and Carrosserie Hess. Voith provided the know-how in the areas of drive motor, generator, converter, energy storage and software. HESS, meanwhile, developed the package and operational strategic system adjustments in the vehicle.

In order to verify the sustainability of the technology, specialist consultancy PE International scrutinised ElvoDrive using a lifecycle-based environmental performance evaluation.

The hardware and software components of the drivetrain that ensure optimised fuel consumption and driving comfort contain many new solutions and components. To name a few, these include: a more compact drivetrain with generator, electric motor and gearbox, a newly developed energy storage unit, new hardware and software solutions for power electronics and energy management. As such, optimal conditions have been created for minimal fuel consumption and low emissions for its deployment in city buses with many stops during scheduled services.

The many new technical solutions required to fulfil the demands of functional and electrical safety as well as sufficient availability in scheduled services, were a major challenge. The project findings obtained on the ElvoDrive drive technology level of maturity for reducing fuel consumption and its effect on emissions represent a new state-of-the-art for serial diesel hybrid buses.

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