In the project twelve partners developed an electric drive retrofit kit for conventional diesel engine vans and equipped a demonstration vehicle with it.

The prototype can be operated purely by internal combustion engine, purely electrically or in hybrid mode. The driver selects the mode via an HMI touchscreen, which can display all key information on battery status, energy recovery and boost availability. The big advantage of this hybrid concept is the possibility of being able to operate the vehicle in the conventional way without any limitations on the motorway by using its internal combustion engine. With its electromotive energy recovery brake (recuperation) system, the vehicle also provides the possibility of charging the battery while on the move.

A battery charging station was also set up and checks made to ensure that the charging post communicated properly with the vehicle. Methods and training documents were also drawn up, with which vehicle workshops can be trained in respect of quality, efficiency and workplace safety related to the electrification of vehicles.

In order to ensure the safety of the newly developed retrofit kit, the project was constantly run taking into account the latest standards and norms. This included producing an integral safety concept. It incorporated a comprehensive dangers and risks analysis for all three available driving modes, a system analysis based on the specification sheets and ensuring the retrofit kit’s functional and electrical safety. In all three driving modes all safety systems present in the original vehicle are fully available and thus also ensure a high level of safety after the conversion.

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