In the »EleNa« project a consortium of medium-sized companies and research facilities is developing electric drive retrofit kits for delivery vans with conventional combustion engines, as often used by small- to medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Independent of mediumto long-term OEM strategies and plans, these retrofits facilitate a speedy, step-by-step switch to the new drive technology with only few barriers to investment.

In Phase 1 of the »EleNa« project, a Mercedes Sprinter aggregate carrier for the testing and optimisation of the installed components and systems was built. Using this vehicle, the overall functioning of the hybridisation developed could be proven and the first drive and consumption analysis carried out.

In Phase 2 of the »EleNa« project the further industrialisation of the electric drive retrofits developed in »EleNa I« is therefore being advanced with the following aims for the retrofit-equipped vehicles:

  • To achieve small-scale series approval.
  • To develop a level of maturity that enables an initial test with a total of 8 vehicles (of which 2 are development vehicles, 3 for customers and 3 for the suppliers) within Phase 2 of the »EleNa« project.
  • To bring the costs of the retrofits to a level that facilitates entry into commercialisation from 2013.

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