Currently, decentralized power supplies rely on diesel engine-powered gensets. Around 20 million gensets are currently in use, resulting in high CO2 emissions. Due to the growing demand for electric power, there is a huge opportunity for renewable energy solutions, i.e. producing green hydrogen for fuel cell technology. This technology is capable of supplying emission-free electric power to infrastructures with weak or even no access to the main power grid on demand.

The aim of the project is to develop a fuel cell-based genset with a maximum power of 60 kW to be used as a main back up system. The final definition of the maximum electric power level will be the result of a detailed analysis of requirements and demands. This analysis will also deliver the parameters for design, construction, and manufacturing of the genset. At the same time, the project team will develop the basics of a circular economy strategy for maintenance, service, and repair of fuel cell-based gensets as well as a training and education procedure.

Two almost identical prototypes will be manufactured. One will be installed in India, and the twin will run in Germany. The location as well as the application in India is going to be the result of an evaluation process in cooperation with an Indian R&D/industry partner consortium. After the installation in India and Germany, both gensets will be tested in an endurance and wear test to generate performance data under different environmental and climate conditions. Based on these data and on the circular economy strategy approach, a set of recommendations regarding design, construction, component selection as well as service and maintenance will be worked out to enable the economic and sustainable operation of fuel cell-based gensets.

Funding Code

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CBC GmbH & CO.KG01.01.202231.12.2024464,976.00 €
Universität Bayreuth, LUP Lehrstuhl Umweltgerechte Produktionstechnik01.01.202231.12.2024467,624.00 €
Fraunhofer-Institut Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung IPA01.01.202231.12.2024686,004.00 €
1,618,604.00 €