Over the two years, the electronauts travelled a total of around one million kilometres – practically without any accidents – and published over 4,000 entries on the »Electronauts’ Blog«. During the project there were 13 public earthed plug-in charging points provided for twowheelers spread around the city centre.

3,000 public charging processes were carried out. The total charge volume was 2,000 kWh and the total charging time 6,400 hours.

35 % of the electronauts lived within the Stuttgart city area, but not centrally: 25 % in suburbs, 22 % centrally within a town and 18 % in rural regions.

43 % of those questioned used the ebike daily and 45 % one to three times a week. Also, 83 % rode it exclusively for personal use and of these 40 % used it as their primary means of transport. Following the fleet trial, only 10 % of the users would replace a traditional vehicle with an electric one, although 40 % would continue to use one. The factors seen as negatives were above all the high cost of purchase and the inability to carry passengers. Factors seen as positive included safety, ease of charging and low running costs. The fun of riding the e-bike and the attention attracted from other road users were also perceived as very positive.

The greatest challenge existed at the start in getting the vehicles finished in time. Furthermore, all needed to be fitted with data loggers to enable the up-to-date data to be put online on the electronauts’ portal.

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