The project partners of the state capital Düsseldorf, Drive CarSharing and Stadtwerke Düsseldorf are introducing 31 newly procured electric passenger vehicles in a virtual common vehicle pool. The vehicles are being used in an initial phase for company purposes to ensure basic utilisation.

Additionally in a second phase, the vehicles will be rented out to employees for private use outside of business hours and at weekends. In the remaining time periods during the second phase the vehicles will be booked by external users, for example by car-sharing customers. The project partner Drive Car-Sharing is undertaking the provider function. A business model for the use of electric vehicles in companies is being developed. Incentive schemes distinguished by the different users are to be developed and investigated. Cooperation with the local public transport companies should lead to a link-up of the vehicle pool to the Düsseldorf mobility card. The Wuppertal Institute is carrying out the scientific accompanying research.

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