A highly compact multilevel high-voltage converter for fuel cell applications (DCDC4BZ) is to maximize the potential of silicon-based superjunction mosfets with a special packaging technique.

For this purpose, an extremely low-inductance power module based on a multilayer AMB substrate is to be developed, which enables approximately low switching times and losses like SiC modules, but is considerably more cost-effective. Fundamental research on module design is required to achieve the goal. At the system level, an optimized converter topology is to be developed for these modules and their use in fuel cell vehicles with an 800 V on-board power supply and implemented up to the demonstrator system. At least TRL 6 is to be achieved and use in a test vehicle is to be possible. At 20 to 100 % load, a system efficiency ≥ 98 % shall be demonstrated. A volumetric power density ≥ 15 kW/l shall be achieved and a cost reduction on total system level of at least 15 % compared to silicon carbide technology shall be achieved.

Funding Code

Partner Start of term End of term Funding amount
Silver Atena GmbH01.12.2230.11.251,224,885.00 €
Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Landshut01.12.2230.11.25313,356.00 €
1,538,241.00 €

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