The »BodenseEmobil« project aims to research the acceptance of electric cars as part of local public transport in the rural area and develop an integrated service for residents of the Lake Constance region.

The central concept is the triple networking of electric cars: in the public transport system, in the energy grid and with each other by means of modern information and communication technology (ICT). This means that the electrically-operated vehicles should be integrated in public transport in such a way as to allow the user to change without difficulty from car to bus or train, and vice versa. By linking to the energy grid the conditions are created to enable the electric vehicle to be recharged at any time solely with renewably-generated power. Finally a networking ensures smooth communication among all system participants and components.

This concept should ensure that traffic conditions are considerably improved, e.g. spontaneous and individual mobility needs are fulfilled and also the so-called »last mile« is taken care of, which in the Lake Constance region is often not covered by local public transport at all times. It is important to check whether the user accepts electromobility in an integrated local public transport system. The experiences from this will then be incorporated in the transport company for the benefit of the citizens of the city and region.

Funding Code

Partner Start of term End of term Funding amount
Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH01.11.1230.06.16323,698.26 €
T-Systems International GmbH01.11.1230.04.15166,743.14 €
Technische Universität Berlin01.11.1230.04.15169,780.39 €
Innovationszentrum für Mobilität und gesellschaftlichen Wandel (InnoZ) GmbH01.11.1230.06.16180,917.00 €
Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg01.11.1231.12.16418,509.34 €
Landkreis Bodenseekreis01.11.1231.12.16647,208.00 €
Stadt Friedrichshafen01.11.1231.12.16738,045.00 €
Stadtwerk am See GmbH & Co. KG01.11.1231.12.16161,879.47 €
HaCon Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH01.11.1230.06.16294,087.00 €
3,100,867.60 €