The focus of this project – which TOTAL Deutschland GmbH commenced within the scope of the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) as its contribution towards fulfilling the 50 refuelling stations programme that was initiated in 2012 by the federal government and industry – was the expansion of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure, which was closely coordinated with other refuelling station operators.

The aim of the project was to integrate a total of eight hydrogen refuelling points in existing or new stations, put these into service and operate them until the conclusion of the project timeframe. Legal authorisation of approvals proved to be problematic for many of the original locations, leading to the necessity during the project timeframe to identify new sites for the intended new refuelling pumps in order to overcome these regulatory hurdles. The realisation was thereby delayed in individual cases, and ultimately only seven sites could be completely brought to full implementation within the course of the project.

The following sites were established within the scope of the project:

  • A multi-energy station with 700 bar hydrogen pump for passenger vehicles was established at Heerstrasse/cnr. Jafféstrasse in Berlin.
  • Also suitable for 700 bar passenger vehicle refuelling was Germany’s first H2 refuelling station located on a motorway, which went into service at the Geiselwind station on the A3 motorway.
  • A H2 station was established at Ohmstrasse in Fellbach, which was particularly important for the supply in the metropolitan region of Stuttgart.
  • A hydrogen refuelling station in Ulm was set up in the immediate vicinity of the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW – Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung) on Helmholtzstrasse. In close collaboration with the ZSW, this station was developed into a research refuelling station, which is to provide valuable insights especially in regard to the renewable production of hydrogen.
  • A site was established in Karlsruhe at Erlachsweg.
  • In Neuruppin, TOTAL provides vital infrastructure at the A24 motorway for the important corridor between Berlin and Hamburg.
  • A further site is currently under construction at Cologne Bonn Airport.

All sites are ready for 700 bar passenger vehicle refuelling. The technology for all locations was provided and installed by Linde AG while TOTAL conducted all work that was necessary within the scope of this project to integrate, put into service and operate the system technology at the respective locations. The incorporated technology was financed by Daimler AG as part of a jointly initiated investment fund with Linde, for the establishment of 20 hydrogen refuelling locations, which – just as this project – is a part of the NIP’s 50 refuelling stations programme.

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