The project used a customer survey to ask drivers, fleet managers and general managers from the participating companies their opinion on hybrid technology and its cost-efficiency and reliability. While their responses in relation to expectations and fears prior to delivery of the Atego BlueTec Hybrid vehicles were – although overall positive – very varied, the surveys conducted after they had been using them for a certain period produced a generally high level of satisfaction. They praised, for instance, the vehicles’ economic and environmental qualities and their handling.

The vehicles drove on average to eight loading stations a day, so were predominantly used in distribution operations. At the start, a few customers had problems with the hybrid truck’s different new functions. However, once they had become familiar with these, the problems were quickly resolved. The drivers indicated that they were consciously utilising the fuel-saving options and said that the energy flow indicator on the hybrid display helped greatly with this.

Some haulage companies stated that for financial reasons they would not be in a position to buy a vehicle with an alternative drive system without a subsidy. Due to the high level of satisfaction it can therefore be assumed that more customers would buy trucks with hybrid drive systems if the purchase costs were not so high.

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