How do I apply the Electric Mobility Act in my municipality? What possibilities and experiences are there? Which measures of the law make sense for my municipality? NOW GmbH‘s Starterset Elektromobilität (Electric Mobility Starter Set) information platform now offers practical answers to these questions.

With the Electric Mobility Act (EmoG), municipalities have had the opportunity to promote electric mobility since 2015 by granting electric vehicles certain privileges. The core elements of the measures are four possibilities to give priority to e-vehicles:

  1. Parking on public roads or lanes
  2. The use of public roads or lanes designated for special purposes (special lanes)
  3. Allowing exemptions from access or passage restrictions
  4. Exemption from charges for public parking fees

In a separate section, interested municipalities will find comprehensive information concerning legal backgrounds, labelling rules and descriptive practical examples. In addition, there is a summary of the first evaluation of the Electric Mobility Act of 2018.

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About the Electric Mobility Starter Set
Emission-free and modern mobility is a matter of course for many cities and municipalities today, because the electrification of transport with electricity or hydrogen from renewable energy sources makes a significant contribution to the reduction of CO2, pollutant and noise emissions and can thus decisively improve the quality of life of its residents. Furthermore, in order to achieve climate-protection targets, the greenhouse gas emissions caused by transport must be consistently reduced over the coming years. The Electric Mobility Starter Set information platform from NOW GmbH provides local authorities with a particularly easy way to plan, implement and promote alternative mobility concepts. Information from research and practice is collected and processed here. Municipalities receive a variety of impulses as to how they can enter into the world of alternative mobility or how they can further advance the electrification of transport. The Electric Mobility Starter Set provides municipalities with targeted information on climate-friendly city and transport concepts, procurement, government funding, individual and commercial transport, local public transport, municipal fleets, refuelling as well as charging infrastructure.


Information on programmes and funding calls
Information on the funding programmes can be found on this website. NOW GmbH’s funding call service provides immediate information on current funding calls in the fields of electric mobility, charging infrastructure, hydrogen and fuel cell technology. Subscribe to our free email service (currently in German only) at:

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