Autobahn GmbH is pressing ahead with the expansion of the fast-charging infrastructure along the federal motorways. As part of the federal government’s Deutschlandnetz, the tender for almost 1,000 fast-charging points at 200 unmanaged motorway service areas was successfully completed today.

Autobahn GmbH has awarded the contracts to:

  • Fastned Deutschland GmbH & Co KG
  • E.ON Drive Infrastructure GmbH
  • Autostrom Nord bidding consortium
  • TotalEnergies MarketingDeutschland GmbH

The charging points for electric cars will be installed by 2026. With the award of the contracts, the second part of the tendering process for the Deutschlandnetz has now also been completed. The Deutschlandnetz will therefore contain a total of almost 9,000 fast-charging points at over 1,000 locations in both tenders, ensuring that the nearest fast-charging point can be reached anywhere in Germany within a matter of no more than a few minutes. The distribution of the locations is based on a comprehensive transport planning needs analysis by the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure, which takes into account the existing infrastructure and anticipates both the increasing demand for fast-charging infrastructure in the coming years and the emerging technical developments.

Dr Volker Wissing, Federal Minister for Digital and Transport Affairs: “Individual mobility is a valuable asset in a free society. I am therefore delighted that the Deutschlandnetz is now being expanded to include fast-charging points on the nationwide motorway network. This will increase the options available to users and the charging network on motorways will become noticeably denser. Our goal is for the nearest fast-charging point to be just a few minutes away throughout Germany.”

Dr Michael Güntner, Chair of the Management Board of Autobahn GmbH: “Drivers need to be able to charge reliably if they want to cover long distances in an electric car. We want to make our contribution to this and help them to travel along the motorways free of any anxiety about their driving range. Autobahn GmbH is thereby also emphasising its commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility on the federal motorways.”

With the increasing number of electric cars, the expansion of the fast-charging infrastructure on the motorways is becoming increasingly important. In order to meet the demand, Autobahn GmbH is implementing the Fast Charging Act (Schnellladegesetz), which came into force on 1 July 2021, and making its contribution to climate-neutral and user-friendly e-mobility. Autobahn GmbH ensures that all requirements regarding charging capacity, the number of charging points, accessibility, the payment system and availability are implemented. This builds confidence in the future of electric mobility.

In the long term, a total of 4,000 charging points are to be installed on the motorways. The network is planned in such a way that charging points can be reached every 10 minutes on the motorways.

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