01.01.2022 – 31.12.2022

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Dr. Stefanie Wolff
Manager Electromobility Europe

In 10 to 15 percent of cases, a vehicle that pulls up to a charging point cannot be charged there. So what exactly is going wrong? The “Wirkkette Laden” (charging chain) project is investigating this very question.

Coordinated by NOW GmbH and Project Management Organisation Jülich, the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN), as consortium leader, is investigating failures and their causes together with other market participants and research institutes. The aim is to determine which points need to be tackled first in order to improve the quality of charging processes.

Test drivers in the Hamburg and Munich areas who have no previous experience with electric vehicles are now being sought for the living lab trials. They will be accompanied by a team of researchers while they carry out charging processes at different charging stations. Interested? Click here for more information and to register (in German): https://s.fhg.de/WKL-RL-phase1

The experiences of seasoned electric car drivers are also being sought. As part of a diary study, they will have the opportunity to document problematic charging processes that occur during their usual use of their vehicle with the help of an online questionnaire. Registration is possible (in German) under the following link: https://s.fhg.de/WKL-TBS-phase1

Further information on the project “Wirkkette Laden” can be found here (in German):

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