As part of the “Reallocation of Public Spaces” NaKoMo workshop series, challenges and innovative solutions for this subject area are to be developed together with participants from federal, state and local governments. The workshops are intended to create a platform for the exchange among stakeholders at the municipal level and to highlight best practices.

Public space is defined as the collective area of all land in a municipality that is accessible to the general public. However, this space is limited and conflicts of use are growing, especially in urban centres. A large part of the public space is taken up by private motorised vehicles. Driving or parked private cars often dominate the environment in cities and municipalities. But other road users, such as pedestrians, cyclists, public transport and alternative mobility services (e.g. car sharing) are also increasingly demanding space. This competition for space complicates the task of making scarce public space more liveable while also taking into account the needs of all road users. Municipalities are faced with the difficult task of reallocating public space while not restricting individual mobility and at the same time protecting the environment and reducing emissions.

Date: 20.01.2021

Time: 09.00 am – 12.00 Noon

Location: Online

In the kick-off of the “Reallocation of Public Spaces” workshop series, the subject will be explored from an overarching perspective. Different aspects will be considered, for example an urban and a rural perspective, as well as an overarching representation of road users. In a digital World Café, participants will be given the opportunity to actively address the topic themselves, provide input for in-depth follow-up workshops, and develop new proposals for solutions.

Download the preliminary programme here (PDF, in German)

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