As the market ramps up, battery electric mobility as a key technology is making a significant contribution towards shaping a sustainable transport system and to the pressing need to improve air quality, especially in municipalities.
In this NaKoMo lecture, we will begin by taking a review of the Electric Mobility Funding Guideline with a focus on municipalities: What has been achieved so far in German municipalities with the Electric Mobility Funding Guideline? In the context of this question, our speaker will also present a newly developed concept map of funded electric mobility concepts. With the help of this map, it is possible to use various filters to identify relevant concepts as a reference for planning and implementation in your own municipality. In addition, the current funding call will be presented, with which municipalities are again being supported in the procurement of electric vehicles and the associated charging infrastructure.

NaKoMo lecture (in German): “The Electric Mobility Funding Guideline from a Municipal Perspective: Programme Review, Concept Map and Current Funding Opportunities” (“Die Förderrichtlinie Elektromobilität aus kommunaler Sicht: Programmrückschau, Konzeptkarte und aktuelle Fördermöglichkeiten”)
on 07.07.2022 | 1:00–1:45 pm | Online
We look forward to discussing the topic with you!

As part of the NaKoMo lecture series, we will provide information on current topics relating to sustainable mobility and discuss existing challenges and innovative approaches to solutions in this subject area together with participants from the federal government, federal states, state networks, municipalities and municipal companies.

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