The current discourse concerning the nine-euro ticket in Germany once again brings central questions about the future of public transport into focus. How can public transport become more attractive? And how must public transport be designed in the long term so that a switch from motorised private transport can succeed?

Augsburg’s public utility company (“Augsburger Stadtwerke”) is taking an exciting and innovative approach by expanding its public transport ticket to include multi-modal and inter-modal products. With the Mobility Flat-rate (Mobil-Flat) in different package sizes, Augsburg citizens can flexibly choose between different extensions to their regular public transport ticket for cycling and car-sharing offers.

As part of the NaKoMo lecture, the project manager in charge at Augsburger Stadtwerke, Mr. Hufnagel, will explain the Mobil-Flat model, the concept and implementation behind it, and report on practical experiences. The event will also address the question of to what extent the Augsburg model can be transferred to other municipalities.

We look forward to sharing our experiences with you!

NaKoMo lecture: “Is the future of public transport multimodal? The Flat-rate Mobility Model” on 6 September 2022, 10:00 am – 10:40 am | Online

As part of the NaKoMo lectures, we will provide information on current topics relating to sustainable mobility and discuss existing challenges and innovative approaches to solutions in this field together with participants from the federal government, federal states, state networks, municipalities and municipal companies.

The event will be held via WebEx.


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