The BMDV supports the development of electric vehicle fleets and the corresponding charging infrastructure. As part of this effort, the conceptual preliminary assessment makes a contribution towards the market ramp-up of electric mobility.

The BMDV is funding battery-electric applications in three funding areas until 2025 on the basis of the current Electric Mobility Funding Guideline.

A key component of the guideline to support the further market ramp-up is funding for the conversion of municipal and commercial vehicle fleets (especially with high traffic volumes) to battery-electric vehicles. In addition, the charging infrastructure required for the operation of the vehicles is also being supported.

The basis for targeted and demand-oriented procurement is the support of municipal and commercial electric mobility concepts, the content of which can range from general analyses of the potential of electric mobility to special implementation concepts and studies tailored to the specific application.

Another area of focus is the funding support of application-oriented research and development projects to strengthen the competitiveness of research institutions and industry and to provide an efficient transport and mobility infrastructure.