The path leading from market introduction to the establishment of a mass market for PEM fuel cell systems is becoming increasingly fraught with questions of costs. An important factor for the successful market penetration of fuel cell systems is therefore the establishment of less expensive and more stable manufacturing processes.

The main aim of the MAS-TECH project is to complement the existing technology platform at Solvicore with additional cost-reducing elements to thereby further cut overall manufacturing costs. Solvicore is pursuing the following goals to enhance additional cost reduction potentials within the scope of this project:

  • The process chain will be equipped with selected automated in-line control systems. These will be developed as part of the project and implemented with the goal of enhancing the cycle time and minimising reject rates.
  • Further cost reductions will be achieved through the elimination or significant improvement of process steps as well as through the testing and introduction of improved quality control systems.
  • Finally, through the development of an automated roll-to-roll assembly process together with various specialist partners from Germany, a further boost to efficiency will be possible.

As such, the project will shape a cost-optimised technology platform that enhances the international competitiveness of MEA production to therefore also strengthen German industry.

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