Under the project name Leonardo, Viessmann Werke is developing a fuel cell heating system together with HEXIS, which will ultimately expand the range of fuel cell-based micro CHP (combined heat and power) systems available on the market.

An overarching goal is to decrease the required financial investment and operating costs of series production in comparison to that of currently available fuel cell-based micro CHP systems. Viessmann’s extensive systems engineering know-how, particularly from its Vitovalor 300-P fuel cell heater, will be instrumental in achieving this goal.

Core of the new fuel cell unit is the high-temperature fuel cell technology (SOFC) of the HEXIS Galileo 1000 N fuel cell heater. The first half of the project will see the development of a new version for field tests, while maintaining the stack architecture. Production costs will be significantly lower than those of today. The new version will then undergo practical tests in around ten systems.

In the project’s second half, the unit will be developed to series maturity. Accompanying the project, the new fuel cell heating system will also be prepared for series production.

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