In the framework of the demonstration project submitted, twelve inhouse5000 fuel cell heating appliances manufactured by RBZ are to be installed in locations with differing requirement structures, operating over a minimum of two heating periods under real conditions.

The objective of the project is the analysis of the systems engineering, peripherals, operational mode and control strategies as well as the integration in the building infrastructure. The resulting potential for optimisation with a view to subsequent market launch will be established and recommendations for series production given to the manufacturer. This demonstration project will validate the inhouse5000 fuel cell heating device technology, collect experience regarding large unit numbers, increase reliability and reproducibility, test the efficiency of combined heat and power generation under various boundary conditions, identify market constraints for commercial application as well as address market preparation.

The work plan is structured in a four-month production period and a test runtime of a minimum of two years depending on the fuel cell system. Twelve systems will be tested during the project.

The results of each system will be evaluated every three months and made available to project partners in the form of a report.

The overall results of all partners will be presented in the context of workshops, which take place on an annual basis.

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