Through the project entitled »Development of process and production technologies for energy storage systems in industrial applications« run as part of the electromobility model region activities, Hoppecke developed expertise in the field of lithium-ion technology.

The following results were achieved:

  • Establishment of an innovative, universal test infrastructure for electrochemical storage systems and peripheral components for electrochemical and chemical characterisation and analysis.
  • Based on the electrochemical cells tested for application-specific requirements and validated for use, a new kind of modular energy storage concept was developed and created that can be used for practically all voltage ranges and can be interconnected.
  • Compared to individual, applicationspecific developments, an economic advantage is in particular achieved when interconnecting modules up to 400V.
  • Unique integration of the specifically developed peripheral components, such as the battery management system (BMS), the various cooling concepts and the modular communication system.
  • A new form of development of a modular concept for the highly varied levels of electrification in the field of electromobility: the »high-power« version for hybrid drive systems and the »highenergy« version for fully electric types.
  • Through the development of innovative processes it was possible to demonstrate that the module could be economically produced for new niche markets with small unit numbers.

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