In two thematically separate fleet trials the Fraunhofer IFAM undertook examinations of the suitability for everyday use of the electric vehicles currently on the market.

On the one hand, it was tested whether the vehicles satisfied the requirements of fleets run on a commercial basis, while on the other, it was examined whether e-vehicles were suitable for private car sharing. The vehicles used for the fleet trial for commercial use were two-seaters, four-seaters (four-door) and a small dropside van.

The vehicles occasionally served alongside conventionally powered types in addition to existing fleets (e.g. at Bremer Straßenbahn AG), but were also deployed where the e-vehicle was the business’ only company vehicle (e.g. at E-Werk Ottersberg). The driving profiles were also different: while some of the vehicles were only used in the city, others were also driven in rural areas. The spectrum of usage thus covered the whole range of short-distance motoring and enabled conclusions to be drawn about the general suitability of electrically powered vehicles.

Private car sharing was also carried out using two- and four-seat vehicles. In addition to the obligatory data logger, some of the vehicles were equipped with an internet-based booking system. Alongside the testing of the vehicles, the Fraunhofer IFAM also examined how well the users managed with the electric cars in their daily life and what their experiences were with the self-organised shared use of vehicles.

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