The aim of the project, among others, was to establish the Personal Mobility Centre for electromobility (PMC) as a permanent facility. This created a central contact point for all electromobility issues in the Bremen/Oldenburg model region.

The PMC employees offer advice and support to project partners, businesses, media representatives and the public. The PMC has a small fleet of vehicles available to potential e-vehicle users for test drives. These vehicles are also used for events, trade fair appearances and for training and educational purposes.

Since the model region was established, the PMC has organised and run a diverse range of functions and has represented the Bremen/Oldenburg model region at events as the participating partner.

The PMC also acts as support centre for operators of electric vehicles in the model region, for example for the »e-Car4all« project. In addition to procuring and licensing the vehicles, the PMC also gets them up and running and organises maintenance (vehicle checks, MOTs, winter tyres, etc.) and, if necessary, any repairs. Furthermore, the vehicles are fitted with sensors to ensure continual recording of data on distance travelled (dependent on vehicle type) and individual components of the drive train (battery, motor, inverter). Commissioning of the sensors and of the booking platform for »e-Car4all« was done through the PMC.

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