Hydrogen Storage Systems (HSS) have until now, only been developed for a small number of demonstration vehicles. With a view to future systems, this project will serve to facilitate the lean development of high functional integration with minimised assemblies and fewer interfaces, on the basis of the experience gained thus far. It aims to enhance quality, durability and reliability while simultaneously decreasing system weight and significantly lowering costs.

Alternative materials and production processes, a lean HSS/ vehicle integration concept along with a production-oriented design are further factors on the path to commercialisation of fuel cell vehicles in greater numbers.

Besides the base analysis and pre-dimensioning of the HSS, further phases of work include concept development and evaluation of vehicle integration, highpressure lines and connecting elements, the carrier system, as well as the refuelling interface including the construction and trial of test items. A comprehensive testing and validation programme will facilitate the provision of data for the overall HSS concept leading to a design suitable for mass production implementation.

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