The project’s emphasis was on carrying out research into an innovative concept of micro-mobility using electric traction, looking at cost-efficiency and new technologies for electric vehicles. The Nils was thus created from deliberations about an innovative car with an electric motor that fits into the space between velomobiles and both light electric and small conventionally powered vehicles.

It opens up a market that covers 75 % of road-using commuters, who could make their journey to work with an innovative vehicle of this kind.

A summary of the vehicle concept’s technological themes:
• Lightweight construction and new body structures
• System-level battery technologies
• Electric motors and drive system design
• Power electronics and control systems
• Energy management for low energy consumption concepts
• Safety concepts for very small vehicles
• Operating concepts for small electric vehicles

The new form of body structure in a lightweight design assures an extension of the vehicle’s range through weight savings. Also contributing to this is the selected design of traction battery with a capacity of 5.3 kWh and the light electric motor, which weighs just 19 kg. Features such as the city emergency stop function and driver assistance systems also provide the necessary level of safety to achieve the safety-related objectives with this micro-vehicle. The digital instruments too were designed specifically to address the need to effectively control the electronic consumers in electric vehicles.

The project has answered a few important questions and objectives relating to small, innovative vehicle concepts, such as in respect to active and passive safety and methods of lightweight construction. However, some areas of potential for technical development still exist, which need to be researched, developed and differentiated further until such a vehicle concept is ready to go into full production. These include, for example, questions about the long-term durability of the traction battery and the vehicle’s functional, client-specific electronic equipment.

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