Flexible and individual mobility is a given in a modern society and currently a very important topic in rural areas.

The environs of the Bremen/Oldenburg model region are characterised by the rural-urban mix. Particular mobility needs arise from transport between the three cities Bremerhaven, Bremen and Oldenburg as well as the surrounding towns and boroughs. In order to investigate and optimise electromobility in rural areas fleet trials with different vehicles and vehicle types are being tested. The target group is private as well as commercial users of electric vehicles. Fleet trials and their assessments are among the key building blocks of research and optimisation of electromobility. In the process not only the technology currently available on the market, but also the integration of new technology in everyday life and the actual economic benefits are assessed.

The experiences and reactions gained from the trials are leading to the redefinition and further development of technological approaches. This includes on the one hand, ICT topics as well as conceptual vehicle developments and charging technologies. On the other hand, the effects that electromobility brings about and facilitates are evaluated in terms of ecological, economic, sociological and transport policy perspectives.

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