In March 2011, the first of 23 Mennekes charging posts so far supplied went into operation. The same charging technology is now being used in seven different power grid areas. The EBG, Langmatz and emco charging equipment is still included in the test, as is the Tesla charging box.

The RFID charging cards are now being managed by the newly formed Union of North Hesse Public Services (SUN), to which the NEMo partners belong.

The pilot system on Karlsplatz in Kassel has four charging spaces. Two of these are reserved for e-mobiles and two are charged-for parking spaces. In the period from June 2010 to August 2011, 2,516 kWh of electricity was discharged in 837 charging processes. The amount of power issued per charging point will probably go down as a result of other charging places coming on stream.

The power consumed by Kassel Municipal Services’ two vehicles through to August 2011 was 3,340 kWh.

The total distance travelled was 13,850 kilometres. On cross-country trips both Stromos vehicles were also charged at other charging posts. It can be assumed that the Kassel Municipal Services’ vehicles consume on average approx. 18 kWh per 100 kilometres.

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