Trial continuation of a mobile 700 bar fuelling facility at the Margarete-Sommer-Strasse site in Berlin.

The CEP mobility partners intend to continue and extend operations at the fuelling stations established in phase I for hydrogen-powered cars, within the framework of this project module. The measures sustainably support vehicle operation and enable validation of the technology by customers, which are a part of individual project modules.

In this particular module, the partnership intends to undertake following activities:

  1. Linking the facility to the infrastructure provider
  2. Continuation of workshop operations
  3. Expansion measures The project serves the preindustrial development of hydrogen as a fuel source.

It thereby promotes sustainability in two respects:

  1. Through the development of an ecologically sustainable (principally CO2-neutral) fuel source
  2. Due to economic sustainability arising from in-house development that is focused on this issue

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