Working in collaboration with ABG Frankfurt Holding, Mainova AG developed a charging infrastructure for public use in parking bays and multi-storey car parks that is unique in Germany. All users of electric cars can use the charging stations – without pre-registration or any base fees.

Mainova AG also proposed converting one of Lufthansa Engineering’s electric vehicles to inductive charging and subsequently carried out the conversion. By operating the infrastructure the energy supply company hopes to gain insights into efficiency, user acceptance and characteristic radiation values. The components for inductive charging were developed by Bruchsal-based firm SEW-Eurodrive GmbH. Far-reaching visions also see the charging inductors integrated into the road carriageways.

Pedelec stations for automatically securing and charging pedelecs: Within the scope of the group proposal, a customer-friendly, open electricity charging infrastructure was successfully developed, built and tested. The »Frankfurt Model« is of particular interest to local authorities. They are able to build on an existing distributed infrastructure for billing and on multi-storey car parks and parking ticket machines in central urban areas. The need for identification is done away with, due to the traditional parking ticket. Pedelecs can supplement an ecological system of mobility on residential estates, combined with local public transport and car sharing. As part of the project, pedelec stations for securely parking and charging pedelecs were selected, built and tested.

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